Online Identities

Studio Airport is a design firm based in the Netherlands. They design everything from identities, to posters, to videos, to websites, objects, campaigns, and more. Their logo is three arrows. There are more arrows and sharp lines in other icons in their website. This creates the same sense of style throughout the site which communicates the consistency of style within the brand.

Tawn is a designer whose logo on her site is typographical. Tawn has a focus in fashion and the names of her collections match that of her typographic logo. Both use the same sans-serif font, and both are mainly typographic.This creates a constancy in the brand and ties her collections back to her logo.

Cast Iron Design is a design form that adopted the logo of a cast iron pan. This logo is effective because it implies that the services they provide are solid and dependable, just like cast iron. The logo also has white lines surrounding it facing outwards, almost like an idea lightbulb lighting up. This implies a sense of creativity. Out of all the designers listed here I would probably employ the services of Cast Iron Designs because I believe their brand is best represented through their logo.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.45.49 AM


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