Responsive and Moblie Design

Responsive and mobile design are probably the best friends that you never knew you had. It is thanks to them that it’s possible for a user to use and navigate a website quickly and easily on any size screen. However there are some key differences between the two. Mobile website are created apart from an official website, holding only the most important information and not anything extra for the user to waste time scrolling through in order to find what they are looking for. But in the case of a mobile site, the more minimal the design, the cleaner it looks. However the best aspect to mobile design is that a user will never have to wait long for the site to load. Responsive design on the other hand has it’s own way of appealing to the user. Responsively designed sites can adjust to any size screen or window. While a user may find this fun to play with and easy to use, a designer must go through several drafts of designing the site for whatever window size it the site may be loaded on to. The appealing aspect to the designer for this site is that the site will always have the graphics and information they want the user to see no matter what size screen they are using. Here is an example of responsive web design While both mobile and responsive design are different, both have their positive and negative qualities, and proper uses for different situations.